SAVIO MACCHINE TESSILI S.p.A. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) aims to adopt, in respect of its employees, directors and/or consultants, behaviors that complies with the highest ethical standards of fairness, loyalty, legality and protection of the safety of the workplace.

In the context of these inspiring principles and of the adoption of the Organizational Model, also taking into account Legislative Decree no. 24/2023, the Company intends to encourage all personnel, directors and/or collaborators in any capacity to report in good faith wrongdoing and conduct contrary to the law, both national and European, of which they have become aware in the context of their relationship with the Company, while adopting a policy to protect the authors of such reports.

The Company, also in order to comply with the regulatory principles in force, has established an internal whistleblowing reporting service and adopted these regulations (the "Whistleblowing Regulations").