Savio and water saving

Savio & Water saving

In its small reality, Savio is committed through its daily activities to contribute to a responsible choice toward people and the environment, for a sustainable future and development.

Among the initiative, Savio has joined the WHP - Workplace Health Promotion, a projet for the adoption of worker health and safety procedures and in the development of CSR or corporate welfare practices - has constructed a solar farm of 1MW which ensure 70% of the energy needed for the Pordenone plant, and, last but not least, has installed water dispenser spread throughout the factory.
3 years ago Savio has decided to install water dispensers spread throughout the factory to fill reusable bottles, in order to consume less plastic and learn the best practises of reuse and recycle. To support and promote this initiative, in March 2023, in occasion of the World Water Day, each employee received as a gift a reusable stainless bottle to bring to work, to gym and during freetime activities.

Since the installation, August 29th 2020, the water fountains dispensed 49.821 liters of water, which means 75 liters per day equal to 150 resusable bottled filled every day. In 3 years we have saved 99.000 plastic bottles and 7,9 tons of CO2!

We do care: water affects everyone, and for us, the action taken is an important step for a long-term sustainable future, but we need everyone to take action.

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