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Savio among the 400 Top Job- Best Employers 2022/2023

A review of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica - Affari & Finanza recognizes Savio among the 400 best employers in Italy.

The German Quality Finance Institute, in collaboration with the newspaper La Repubblica-Affari&Finanza, in a recent research entitled Italy’s Best Employers 2022/2023, has compiled the ranking of the best Italian companies in terms of working climate, professional development, growth prospects, sustainability
and ethical values.

The study has been conducted analyzing the web reputation through comments and reviews on social media, blogs, videos, recruitment websites.
Savio is the first in the category of mechanical industry and engineering.

Savio is one of the most important industries for the production of textile machines worldwide. A global partner that is able to provide cutting-edge machinery, services and solutions, with production facilities and service centers in Europe and Asia.

A new and significant piece pinned with the seal of quality by an independent institute and a prestigious daily newspaper that makes Savio not only a reference company for the efficiency of its products around the world but for the very culture of work inside and outside the company.

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La Repubblica - Affari & Finanza

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