Proxima Smartconer®


The new winding machine Proxima Smartconer® is setting the benchmark in Savio automatic winding.

We have combined the name Proxima with Smartconer®: it stands for a high-tech winding machine, capable of perfectly adapting to demands of Connectivity, Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things.
Thanks to the innovations, spinners will get a machine featuring high-tech capabilities, thanks to a design with a strong focus on the main benefits for customer’s competitive advantage: high productivity, low energy consumption, premium yarn quality, automation, and data connectivity.

The Smart connotation implies the ability to have a machine able to perform the appropriate actions to:

  • Improve productivity and efficiency

  • Minimize hard waste

  • Reduce energy consumption and downtimes in the textile factory


With Proxima Smartconer® you can benefit huge returns in terms of productivity.
The efficiency of the machine is obtained thanks to multiple factors that help optimizing the performances:

High Productivity

Thanks to the new Smart Booster, to a shorter bobbin change cycle, to a faster splicing cycle.

Low Energy Consumption

Thanks to the optimal combination of maximization of production and minimization of consumption.

Premium Package Quality

Thanks to the new splicer and new tension control.

User Experience

Easy use and settings thanks to the new HMI - Human Machine Interface.

Service Friendly

Easy maintenance and accessibility to components.


Efficient bobbin flow in the automated models.


Smart monitoring of the winding process, thanks to the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) digital solutions.


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