Lybra Smartspinner®

The new air-jet spinning machine

We spin different with a versatile and smart machine: Savio’s new air-jet spinning machine Lybra Smartspinner® has been developed with an original spinning technology to serve our customers in specific applications of textile production: knitting, home textiles, sunshades.
Air-jet spun yarn has a soft and smooth character, perfectly adapting to creating functional & fashionable fabrics. With Lybra Smartspinner®, we want to offer our customer a versatile, flexible, cost saving and easy-to-use machine. Air-jet spinning offers to yarn manufacturers the opportunity to produce yarn at high production rates and low processing costs.

One important technology of Lybra Smartspinner® is the Multi Blend System.
This onboarding system allows to use two separate slivers, instead of a pre-blended one, directly fed into the spinning unit. The system can modify the composition of the blend directly from the machine PC, without changing the feeding slivers. This allows a reduction in production costs and an optimization of the preparation lines. We can obtain different material blends but also different colour mixtures. This application will be highly appreciated especially for knitting and home textile applications, producing melange knits and fabrics.

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  • Knitting

  • Home textiles

  • Sunshades


With Lybra Smartspinner® you can spin different with a versatile and smart machine.
The Smart connotation implies the ability to have a machine able to perform the appropriate actions thanks to:


Thanks to the Multi Blend System, it is possible to obtain a reduction on production costs and an optimization of the preparation lines. Quick response to market needs. Simplified management of sliver refilling and preparation.

Cost Saving

Space, labour and energy savings: fewer steps needed because of integration of three processes of roving, spinning and winding.

Easy setting and maintenance

Easy axis adjustments and roller setting.

User Experience

Easy and intuitive HMI interface.


Drumless Multicone System.

Machine body
Package conveyor belt
Spinning unit
Control station
Central processing unit
Raised platform

The components

  • Headstock

    For housing the electrical power equipment, packages distribution controls and waste collection.

  • Machine body

    Structure divided into 8 spindles section.

  • Package conveyor belt

  • Spinning unit

  • Control station

    For the setting of machine functions.

  • Doffer

  • Central processing unit

    For the management of the machine functions.

  • Creel

  • Raised platform

    For easy operation.


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