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The mind toward the world, the heart toward people

Savio has always placed the wellbeing of its employees as the foundation of its activity, and since 2018 has joined the Workplace Health Promotion, WHP, a Regional project of health promotion in occupational contexts.

The Workplace Health Promotion aims at the implementation by companies of all prevention measures against occupational accidents and diseases, and the promotion of opportunities for workers to improve their health.

Among the many proposals, Savio has promoted the physical activity, the proposition of healthy eating, the psychological service and osteopath.

In addition to the full adherence to the WHP program, Savio has also launched a specific action for a sustainable mobility: it has equipped the covered parking for bicycles with benches, repair kits, maps of city cycle paths and charging stations for electric ones.
Last but not least, Savio has built a photovoltaic park of 1 Megawatt that, in operation, is able to cover 70% of the energy needs of the production plant.

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Training for you, for your wellbeing and for your productivity.

Savio offers to all its employees the opportunity to access the company gym and attend functional training courses.



Another point on which Savio decided to work is nutrition. Together with our experts, helps employees becoming aware of their dietary habits.

Moreover, in order to avoid an improper nutrition, Savio and Elior have implemented a takeaway meal service, with the possibility of ordering healthy and nutritionally balanced meals directly from the weekly menu of the company canteen.


Psychological wellbeing

Savio is interested in the psychological well-being of its employees and, with this in mind, has decided to launch a specialist consultancy service to learn how to prevent and/or manage difficult situations related to interpersonal relationships and beyond.

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Like physical activity, nutrition and psychological wellbeing, a proper posture is also fundamental.
Thanks to a collaboration with experts, Savio has activated osteopathic paths to restore balance and health.

Agenda 2030

Footsteps toward the Agenda 2030

Savio is looking to the future for a sustainable development.
Every day, the company, through its daily activities, contributes to achieving the goals of the Agenda 2030, set by the UN, for a sustainable future.
In its small reality, Savio contributes to:

  • Achieve food security and improved nutrition through nutrition education programs;
  • Ensure health and well-being for all, through the Supplementary Health Care Fund;
  • Ensure the self-production of renewable electricity thanks to the new 1mW photovoltaic park;
  • Ensure equal opportunities for all and reduce inequalities within the company;
  • Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.