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Savio offers numerous solutions to support the quality of the final technical textiles yarn.

A technical textile is a fabric made up of fibers called technical fibres, having specific characteristics for one or more specific applications (fire retardant, mechanical resistance, electrical conductivity, antistatic, protection, insulation, cut resistant, intelligent fabrics, etc.).

Technical fabrics are made up of polyester mixed with other natural or synthetic fibres, depending on the characteristics to be obtained. The technical fabrics are light and breathable, and at the same time warm and waterproof.

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According to the complexity in the production process of aramid fibers, Savio pays great attention to yarn control during the winding process.
Aramid fiber is a class of strong synthetic fiber that is widely used for ballistic rated body armor fabric and composites. The growing adoption of aramid in the aerospace industry is expected to be one of the prime drivers for the growth of the market during 2020-2025 period.

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The spinning technology is decisive for the type of yarn to be obtained. To decide which technology is best suited to your needs, Savio offers numerous solutions to support the quality of the final yarn product.

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