Derived from the sustainably sourced renewable raw material wood, and produced by environmentally responsible processes, TENCEL™ branded cellulosic fibers define a new standard of sustainability and natural comfort.
From their botanic origin, to the low environmental impact of production, to eventual biodegradability on disposal, TENCEL™ fibers exemplify sustainability in the textile industry.

Benefits ranging from long-lasting softness to good color retention and contribution to breathability make TENCEL™ the fiber brand of choice for many leading garment and home furnishing producers.
TENCEL™ fiber can be spun into yarn with high strength, low unevenness, smooth appearance and perfect quality.


The spinning technology is decisive for the type of yarn to be obtained. To decide which technology is best suited to your needs, Savio offers numerous solutions to support the quality of the final yarn product.

VNR 3836 Fondo Nero

Savio winders are being used extensively from customers around the world for TENCEL™ fiber yarns, especially for products such as LENZING™ Lyocell A100 and LENZING™ Lyocell standard.

Proxima Smartconer®
Cilindro Savio

The grooved drum allows the formation of the package cone, working at high speeds. It is a drum with the dual function of rotating the package by dragging and simultaneously guiding the thread through the groove.
The shape of the package influences the unwinding, density and breakage of the yarn in the downstream processes, so these are the factors that most determine the efficiency of textile production.