Savio offers numerous solutions to support the quality of the final knitted products.

Knitwear is part of the fashion industry and it deals with knitted fabrics.

The knitted fabric is distinguished from other fabrics by the property of having a remarkable elasticity, independent of that of the yarn that composes it, and a great porosity. The elasticity is due to the fact that the intertwined knitted threads act like springs, yielding to the tension and returning to their original position as soon as the tension ceases.
Different types of yarn, stitches and gauge contribute to different characteristics.

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Savio offers numerous solutions for processing of wool and luxury yarns. In particular, Savio winders can be set up with different feeding types suitable dor the woolen segment (feeding with bobbins from 200 to 450 mm, self-acting, packages and remnant cones). A complete series of accessories are available for processing of wool, cashmere and carded, semi-worsted, combed, single and twisted yarns in a range of titles from nm 1 to nm 150.


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The spinning technology is decisive for the type of yarn to be obtained. To decide which technology is best suited to your needs, Savio offers numerous solutions to support the quality of the final yarn product.

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