Savio offers numerous solutions to support the quality of the final clothing product.

Most fashions are made from textiles.

Together with fashion forecasters, textile manufacturers work well in advance of the apparel production cycle to produce fabrics with colours, textures, and other qualities that anticipate consumer demand.

In the textile industry, a large number of manufacturers create different types of fabrics which are being used in the world of fashion. Natural fibers that include wool, cotton, silk and linen are greatly used in the fashion industry. Along with natural fibres, synthetic fibers are also in huge demand that include nylon, acrylic and polyester.

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35% of worlwide spun yarn has been controlled and processed by Savio's textile machines?

The fashion industry is nothing without textiles and fabrics. The fashion apparel market encompasses every kind of clothing, from sportswear to businesswear, from value clothing to statement luxury pieces.

Tessuto lino seta 50 cm tinta unita

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The spinning technology is decisive for the type of yarn to be obtained. To decide which technology is best suited to your needs, Savio offers numerous solutions to support the quality of the final yarn product.

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