Retrofitting - How to bring new life to a successful machine?

As technologies advance and machines age, textile manufacturers are constantly faced with the question: should I buy a new machine, or retrofit the existing one? Retrofitting is an intelligent move for the future of your factory. It means enhancing the existing equipment with solutions that improves or adds new features, resulting in a revamped machine that operates like new. Retrofitting, therefore, can be described as the process of enhancing productivity, effectiveness, processing speeds, reliability of the machine, increasing the machine’s lifespan and decreasing maintenance cost.

For maximum ROI, machine retrofits are an opportunity for manufacturers to upgrade machines to improve performance, add applications and optimize cost.

How can I retrofit my machines?

Thanks to new improvement solutions, it is possible to get more performance from machines using new hardware and software technologies.
By replacing older parts with more technologically advanced components, retrofitting increases machine functionality, reliability and safety. This extends the system lifecycle and decreases the need for maintenance in the future.

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