A common problem with fabrics, especially stretch fabrics, is thread breakage during production. When a break occurs, thanks to splicing devices equipped on the machine, the winding unit is able to make a cut of the broken / defective thread and to re-knot it, so as to aesthetically guarantee perfect joints and, consequently, perfectly package cones. The package formed by yarn without visible defects will give a fabric with an excellent appearance, especially for fine yarns, denim and high quality yarns.


Savio's patented device for yarn joint

Savio patented the Twinsplicer® in 1983, a mechanical splicer composed of discs coated with a polymer. This splicer achieves joints that are not otherwise comparable, as it is able to perfectly reconstruct the yarn at the junction point, without knots. The Twinsplicer® enhances its technological versatility with stretch yarns (cotton / Lycra®), creating invisible joints with perfect tightness and with the elastic filament core perfectly integrated into the joint.

VNR 3878

Savio's Unique Selling Proposition