Research & Development

We want to offer more and more innovative models to our customers, guaranteeing optimal performances able to satisfy specific needs. We dedicate significant human and financial resources to Research & Development, in order to progress in the field of technological innovation, expanding and improving the machine portfolio.

Savio constantly invests in technological innovation to follow the development of new applications of yarns and fabrics, to expand and improve the machine portfolio and to seize the opportunities of the digital world.

The developments in technology have been reflected over the years with several generations of winding machines, each representing the maximum available technology: the previous success of mechanical models was followed by the latest generation of fully electronic controlled machines, which today represents the state of art.

Nowadays, the development of Savio products is also focused on Smart components that need to transmit data online. Once made up exclusively of mechanical and electronic parts, textile machines have now become complex systems that combine hardware, sensors, data storage, microprocessors, software and connectivity. These intelligent machines can increase spinning efficiency and require preventive maintenance, avoiding breakdowns and downtime.

Massimo Velludo

Savio has always acted as technological leader and innovative player in the textile machinery industry. Innovation technology and customer centricity are Savio drivers for developing new products.

Massimo Velludo - Head of R&D

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